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Allow Data Science Autopilot to get you real-time predictions and actionable insights to best optimize your customers’ journey


Customer Segmentation

Launch ads campaigns by targeting custom lookalike audiences across social, digital, or any other targeted ad channel. Attract will help you to spend less and find customers that will have the highest customer lifetime value (LTV) along with reducing your customer acquisition cost (CAC).

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Use LTV to predict your customers' value; you can prioritize your next actions, such as the following: decide how much to invest in advertising, determine which customers to target with advertising, plan how to move customers from one segment to another.

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Understand, predict, and minimize customer loss by being proactive on which of your customers are at risk of leaving. We empower companies to build predictive models that accurately predict churn; then, they take action by creating targeted marketing campaigns around preventing it or by making product changes that combat churn.

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